a little bit.

i have this fish ‘tank’ at home. an extra large brandy glass with a few goldfish inside. i always fill it to a couple inches from the top. maximize amount of water available ma. dad said it was too much. (-_-”’)

sometimes i feel like/for them. having no filter to clean the water is bad enough. being cooped up in that little space. compared to fishes out there, they can’t do anything, can’t go anywhere. what’s wrong with giving them just that couple of centimeters more space and freedom? i perfectly understand why they’ve taken to swimming upside down. >.<

don’t blame me. i wasn’t the one who got them. neither was i the one who refused to give them a proper tank and filter. my heart kinda aches when i see them all with open gills, swimming in their own shit & pee. even though they’re only fishes, they’re still…living things eh? i wonder how people manage to go fishing. imagine the hook piercing through your mouth. tsk tsk. and guess what? my bro uses live goldfish as bait. hais.

i wanna go vegetarian/vegan. it’s hard, but it’s a start. i just wish i had supportive parents. =\


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