first thing, nice song to intro~~

down to the last 5 episodes of {on the first beat}. it was kinda boring at first, but i’m guess i’m kinda hooked on it now. hahas. warning! the rest of this post will be about the show. you can stop now if you’re not interested. lol. lemme share this part.

madam yuen and cheung sir were a married couple, but they had divorced due to a misunderstanding. a couple years later, both of them found out about the misunderstanding, and since they loved one another and had been through so much, yuen decides to give cheung another chance at marriage. when cheung fails to turn up for the wedding, yuen was pissed and totally breaks it off with cheung. everyone was blaming yuen for being inconsiderate, giving her alot of pressure. but luckily cheung understands that he has made a mistake and there’s no turning back.

it’s just a show, but still, maybe it reflects reality. i don’t understand how everyone can still pester yuen to accept cheung. why does everyone make cheung look like the victim? does anyone care about how yuen feels? she wasn’t the one who made the mistake, and since the breakup is what she wants, why force them to be together?

when she confides in her friend kiu, she asks, “should i be more generous and give him a chance?” well, note the word, G-E-N-E-R-O-U-S. how sad. would cheung really be happy if yuen forces herself to be with him? would they be happy? if you ask me, cheung doesn’t really deserve a second chance. the feeling’s gone. what’s the point of forcing? why can’t those people understand this bloody point? why are everyone making yuen’s life so miserable? i feel her anguish. really.

just waiting for the day i finally break down.


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