was supposed to blog yesterday, but was damn tired after chionging maple.

went out to town in the afternoon with dear. shopped but couldn’t find anything nice. and i still can’t find my flats!! grrrrr. i guess i just have to wear heels tml. f4.

went esplanade for dinner, den went home. passed by harry’s, was tempted. haiz.

alrights, nothing to blog liao. last thing before i maple again. after crunchyroll, along comes veoh! i find it better than crunchyroll, although you have to register as a member and download something called veohtv before you can view the videos. (veohtv sounds suspiciously similar to miotv. haha 职业病 liao.) but i find the videos there look better and clearer while on full screen, so yeah, i’ll probably stick to veoh now. =D


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