[ lights @ esplanade ]

well well, haven’t been blogging for a couple of days already. missing me anyone? LOL.

first things first. mee is jobless again. haiz. i rejected the sales job cos it required me to work to around 10pm everyday. parents aren’t happy. so, bye bye. f4. i feel really bad. even though i’ve only been there a couple of times, i’m still gonna miss the fun & helpful people, aka jeremy, augustine, jackson, dennis, yl. gomenasai~!

was out for dinner. dad’s birthday. happy birthday! hope he likes the watch i got him. ^^

[ birthday boy & the son ]

wanted to go pubbing, but by the time we finished, it was already 9pm. since there’s work tml, dad says friday instead. oh wells. neverminds tho.

[ chivas on rocks ]

during dinner, we were discussing about the genting trip next month. i was reminded of the ‘flower garden’. wonder how it would feel like to be there again. all of a sudden, i’m missing him. =X


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