a video on animal cruelty :

was fuming mad while watching this video. there are actually sick people who enjoy watching entertainment like this? i think this is worse than gladiators in ancient rome. i hope that whoever-is-in-charge of hell does that to those ‘cowboys’ when they arrive there. or better still, hopefully, in the process of kicking, those horses can PAINFULLY castrate those fucking idiots. imagine a kick from the horse ‘down there’. whoa! i’ll feel bloody happy for those helpless animals. or if it’s not possible, those horses should learn to stamp on them. breaking a leg or rib would be better than nothing.

here’s another sick person : dog rape. i’m speechless. if you’re that desperate, do it yourself or get a hooker. don’t take it out on the poor thing. *pengz*

what is the world coming to? >_<

on a lighter note, are YOU as disciplined as them?

hope it brightened up your day the way it did to mine. cheers. 8D


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