the emperor

“if you’re everything to everyone, you’ll be nothing to yourself.”

just like the emperor [in tarot reading] – this is not the time to give in to the unconscious, not the time to let yourself be controlled by others’ wants and needs. it is a card that gives permission to be aggressive, brave, bold and in command.

how often have our decisions been directly and/or indirectly influenced by others? why shouldn’t we live for ourselves? why should we allow others to affect our moods, thoughts and feelings? why must we live the way others want us to be? when can we break free from these chains that prevent us from being where we wanna be and doing what we wanna do? *curious*


it’s the last day of november. tomorrow will be december. 2007 seems to have flown past so fast. maybe it’s because i’ve been slacking away and rotting at home for majority of the year. )= life is meaningless. i need a job. yes you heard right. i NEED a damn job. everyone’s warned me that it’s gonna be very hard to look for a job at this time of the year. i didn’t believe it. now i do. sighx.

sometimes i wish i could fly, spread my wings and soar away…


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