hahas. moved over from blogger to wordpress because i’ve just discovered its magic of password-protected individual entries instead of the whole blog. so mee can now blog freely and choose which posts to lock or make public. yayness.

wordpress is a little less user-friendly than blogger, and i had to do some trial-and-error before i managed to successfully import all my posts from blogger. and as everyone can see, wordpress themes are ugly and boring. i even gotta pay to edit my css! -_- no more nice nice fonts and blogskins. awwww~

since the last 3 posts are protected, i’ll do a little update on this boring life of mine. mee went for an interview yesterday. bloody inconvenient place, which explains the knight of pentacles. let’s just say, it’s good if i get the job, but it may not be a bad thing to not get this job.

as you can see from the titles, i’m currently hooked on tarot cards. i like using them to show a little hint and guidance on the decisions i have to make. i shall be blogging alot, and i mean ALOT, on my tarot readings in time to come. hehex. maybe it’ll attract more people to study tarots and spread the wonderful art of tarot-reading. ^^

p/s. for those who don’t know (i think its everyone), i’ve been interested in tarots ever since that OCOMM project in year 1. the major arcana, minor arcana, celtic cross stuff seemed bloody interesting at that time. but it was only until recently did i buy my first deck of tarot cards. although they say, it’s always best to receive your first deck as a gift……ah who cares?

i drew another card just now – The Moon. it says that i’m going through a time of emotional and mental trial. i should and can trust my instincts to solve it, instead of getting drunk or wallowing in depression. that is like so true can?! so i’ve decided to heed that advice and turned down a pubbing date today. see, i’m a good gurl!

oh wells. NOT looking forward to birthday dinner tml, and SUPER looking forward to genting in 8 days. yippee!

lastly, got this from boyfriend yesterday. cutes. =]



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