one whole day nearly wasted. woke up at 12 and left at 2.30. went ah gong’s house sit sit awhile, den me and mum went northpoint shopping. if you’ve been there, you’d know how bloody small that shopping centre is. saw alot of shades, but they look weird on me. maybe i’m not meant for them. finally bought my jeans too. lubs them. hahas. also got a couple of tees from an aunt. 今天收获不错! ^^

joined the rest for dinner. super not nice. lucky i ate before that. =X

tarot time! card of the day : what will happen to me tomorrow? five of swords. i’m most likely gonna have an argument or battle of ideas, and the best thing i should do is NOT ARGUE. but if that is not possible and i have to somehow rebuke, i need to be prepared to learn from it. hmmm. sounds scary, but i have a feeling it’s gonna happen. =(

i’m liking wordpress more & more. i guess the lack of html codings to frust about allows me more time and energy to concentrate on my entries instead. everyone, switch to WP~!


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