shrimpies : to keep or not to keep

that is the question. haiz. it’s been ages since i last kept shrimps and i’ve been itching to go back into this hobby. especially after browsing through AF forums and seeing those planted masterpieces. argh! i went into a planning frenzy this afternoon and even allocated the place for a shelf to put the tanks. but since i sold practically everything when i moved, the whole setup would set me back by around $100, provided i can get good lobangs for the stuffs i need. not to mention the wirings and all. and most importantly, how to persuade my parents. i really miss my room last time. two 2ft tanks, one 1ft tank, and 2 bettas. i could spend hours just staring at them. =[

ace of pentacles speaks of the initial passion, feelings, thoughts and needs that can be directed into something more. they represent hope, a possibility, the beginning of happiness/pleasure, and an action to take. does it mean i should go ahead with my plan? >.<

rain rain go away~~~


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