back home

i’m back, at last. was up in genting with family. quite boring actually. lols.

16th – bloody driver drove so freaking fast but still reached at 5am. waited outside casino for them to settle their card stuff. then sat at starbucks for 2 hours cos we had nothing to do. lol. it’s at times like this that i wished i bought a psp.

dsc00801.jpg dsc00802.jpg

went gaming and played pool. sho boring. went pubbing at night too. dad wanted to watch soccer. i wanted to go to that soccer pub where the atmosphere was not too bad, but the rest opted for a much nearer one. it was so horrible; one of the worst experiences. majority of the people there were soccer fanatics who shouted and boo-ed so often. the rest were ah peks who were busy staring at the legs of the 3 gals singing on stage. zzz. the whole night i felt like i was sitting at a coffeeshop drinking beer and watch those 7th-month getai singers. hais. the cocktails sucked too, quality and quantity. tsk.

dsc00804.jpg dsc00803.jpg < just for laughs!

17th – dad&mum went back, so we spent the day gaming and pooling AGAIN. spent rm160 just on racing cars, shooting bad guys, throwing darts, remembering stupid flinstones, and picking toys. but nevertheless, besides the fun part, i came back with these again. hehe. pool was better, even though our accuracies went horribly off with those constant bouts of laughter.

dsc00806.jpg fly.jpg

went to watch this performance – Fly. it’s a combination of magic tricks and acrobats. the storyline totally sucked. seriously. the acrobats, although impressive to most, pales in comparison to those i’ve seen in beijing. i was yawning throughout the whole show. the only thing i find amazing is how those dancers manage to dance and run on freaking high heels. my aunt, who has already watched it once, also told me the masked good guy was a handsome angmoh, in which i was utterly disappointed at the end of the show. tsk tsk. but the evil queen was pretty. and she wore very little. hehehehe~ overall – not worth the ticket price (but we got it for free ^^).

went back room and watched movie instead.

18th – departed at 12, reached at 7. i’m beat. XD


p/s. mee cut my hair. feels nice, but looks ugly. sad.


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