tango wing social night

it was finally over. THE NIGHT. the night that me and cher had been ‘fretting’ over for the past few days. we couldn’t decide what to wear; not too formal, not too casual. tsk. we turned up as dates for bonson and his friend for their dunno-what dinner. thanks bonson’s parents for driving us to the OCS camp. by the way, their camp looked quite like our polytechnics. didn’t look as jialat as they make it out to be. lol.

anyway, really nice to see bonson again. 4 years eh? =] he changed so much. 大帅哥了wor. hehe. i agree with cher: he was much funnier back then. but then, it was still fun with him. my date for the night was bon’s buddy, joey. it was a little weird at first, since everyone brought their girlfriends and i think i was the only one who met my date for the first time. lol. was surprised to meet paul too. he said rui & yang were coming as well, and i was kinda looking forward to seeing them again, but i guess they didn’t turn up. haha.

ate (chocolate fondue), drank, was entertained; abit boring actually. hahas. saw the video on life in camp. like very interesting leh, especially the live firing. maybe it would be fun to go try it out for a couple of days. XD that common slogan about how the army turns you from a boy into a man, or something like that. i think it’s true, judging by what the army boys have to go through. haha. i guess i’m gonna have to respect them a teeny weeny bit more now.

the night ended with some games and the much-awaited lucky draw. i think everyone was aiming for the first & second prize – psp and ipod nano respectively. a mystery gift of nintendo ds lite was also included. committee rich sia. lol. there was also best dressed male and female, both of which i didn’t think should win. i thought bonson should, cos he wasn’t wearing the usual formal shirt and pants that practically everyone wore. the female one was worse; just a tube top and jeans. like what cher said, the prize should have been ‘most revealing female’ instead. oO

oh wells. thanks joey for sending me home, and for the dinner too, since i was supposed to be his date. haha. he seemed even quieter than me. but throughout the night and especially in the car, we managed to talk alot and i found him VERY gentlemanly. not bad of a first impression. lols.

overall, had fun tonight. ^^


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