merry x’mas~!

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!!!!
(though it’s already past 12.)

woke up at a whopping 12.30pm this afternoon. ALL of us. lol. went over to auntie’s place. her new condo. bloody nice and big lor. got basement somemore. and they have no children, only biscuit. lucky dog lor. hahas.

anyways, i just sat there and stoned the whole afternoon away. tsk. supposed to meet gary at 6.45, but i think it was nearly 7.30 when i reached. paiseh!

chilled at a pub with him and a couple of his friends. another one with dogs de. *jealous* the pub was one along orchard road. bloody lot of people. but the blue lights were nice. wasted didn’t take pics. the long island was heavenly as compared to the one in genting. lols.

after that tagged along to bugis to watch the SIA guys jam/record. finally saw him play drums. not bad ah, quite 帅 de wor. LOL. my first time at a record studio (suaku), and i guess it was pretty much 大开眼界 lor.

reached home almost 12.30am sia. break record le. lucky no tio. =X

— — — — —

go back abit. went for interview on monday morning. was kinda hoping to get that job, but i suppose there’s no hope for it now. i hate it when they ask, “what do you think are your strengths?” i always have nothing to say. haiz.

aunt’s birthday that night. kfc + red wine. ^_^ i think i need to cut down on alcohol. mum said too much chivas is gonna murder my liver. but…… *dreams* when will dad finally open that bottle of vodka raspberry? LOL!

oh wells. should i risk my maggi mee now?? tsk.


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