i am legend

400th post!! i think i shouldn’t be blogging now. not in this state of mind. lol.

had an interview this morning. it lasted for a whopping 2 hrs 15 mins! talked alot, listened alot, did some tests, and yessss..mee got the job. it stated admin assistant, and i thought it was general admin work. but then i found out it was admin for patent, first filing. cheem eh? lol. job scope sounds pretty interesting, but since i have zero experience in IP law, the pay sucks. >.>

met sasa (finally) for dinner. I MISS HER! ^_^ thx sa for earrings, and i hope you like the prezzie too. glad to see everything’s going well for you, and you made me sooo tempted to move to aus. zzz. but anyways, since you still have a month before you go back aus, make sure we meet up again k? muacks sasa!!

met gary and friends for i am legend. i felt so bad to ‘dump’ sa. why did she have to have seen that movie already?! and why does everyone i know seem to have watched it already? neverminds sa, next time i’ll leave one whole day for you. LOL!

from the comments some people gave me about the show, i was very looking forward to watching it. sad to say, i didn’t realize it was a horror movie. =.= i think it’s one of the few times i actually dared to watch horror flicks at the cinema. i don’t even watch them at home. haish. i feel cheated. i bet wendy feels the same. =X storyline was rather interesting though, and pretty realistic. poor sammy. f4.

after that went to harry’s. i feel bad for dragging matthew & wendy along. =( first time i tried long island at harry’s. wah really bth sia, 3/4 glass nia giddy le. tsk. but there’s no coke taste at all, so i suppose that’s the original version? haha. i shall practise raising my alcohol level with harry’s long island.

i think i was a little 失常 later on. alcohol-effect ba. i hope i wasn’t sprouting nonsense. i didn’t, did i? i don’t think i’m thaaat bad right? lol.

i should be meeting zhou gong anytime soon. xD


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