movie + shopping = happy mee

LE GRAND CHEF. nice! watched it last night. at first i thought it was just one of those boring korean flicks, but it was pretty interesting and very touching. the movie is about 2 chefs competing for an old mouldy knife used by the royal chef dunno how many donkey years ago. it would represent that he is the true descendant of the royal chef. one uses unscrupulous methods to win; the other uses his heart. needless to say, the humane one wins.

it’s touching because in the end, sung-chan (the good one), sacrifices his cow, which he kept since young, for the competition. his winning dish in the finals was also the last thing his grandfather taught him before he passed away. it makes you feel like tearing when you see sung-chan cry, cos he’s able to do it so…nicely. lols. not to mention he’s pretty good-looking as well. XD go watch it! hahas.

went shopping yesterday too. bought a pair of boots! yippee! i’ve waited for sooo long and now they finally come in my size! -_-”’ they’re on sale too. only 70 bucks for knee-high boots! worth it bo? although i know i won’t be wearing it so often, but i really like boots. so, oh wells. hehe. went chinatown also. lucky i had the big boots box to ‘open a path’ for me, otherwise i’d prolly be squished. zzZz. got another top, on sale too! niceee.

another day of shrimp-shopping and clothes-hunting tml. =]


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