up up & away~

cathay ups ticket prices. how nice. not that i watch movies often, but i don’t exactly fancy wasting 10+ bucks for a movie when i can watch it for free online, in the comfort of my own home. more free online movies = less people going to the cinemas, and they still want to raise their already-high prices. nice move! boycott cinemas!! xD
and considering i’m taking cabs more frequently now, it’s pissing me off that when oil prices go up by a little bit, the garment is so eager to double cab fares. yet when oil prices drop a fair bit, garment DOES NOT DO ANYTHING!

oh wait. they DID do something. they increased gas and electricity prices too! hawker centres and restaurants will probably up their prices soon, and if you’re planning to cook at home, well, the same applies. =] when living expenses go up and salary goes down, let’s all just move to india then.

okay i’m kidding. but seriously, having no income currently makes me super touchy on sensitive money issues. o heavens, let it rain moneh please!!

off-topic : why is the puppet called a puppet when it looks more like a scarecrow?

p/s. i just realized my blog looks horribly off in internet explorer. so please please please use firefox to view it. firefox ftw!

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