lemme rant!

went for an interview today at the airport. place was quite hard to find, cos i thought since the unit was #36-26, the building had to be pretty tall. then i found it funny to have such a high building at the airport. zzZz. turned out the building was only 3 storeys. weird.
all went well until the interviewer came. can’t stand that guy man! first, he was walking all over the room while talking to me. even after he sat down, he would suddenly say ‘oh the printer ran out of paper’ while I WAS STILL TALKING TO HIM! rude. if you’re busy, i can always wait outside de right?!

i can’t stand his sarcasm too.

him: *sees email* “oh so you like puppies?”
me: “yeah”
him: “do you have any dogs?”
me: “nope”
him: *sniggers* “you like puppies and yet you have no dogs?”

LIKE PUPPY MUST HAVE DOG IZZIT? i also like to slap people. CAN I SLAP YOU THEN? grrr!

when it came to language proficiency, he remarked, “so you only know english and mandarin? any dialects?”
me: “abit of cantonese”
him: “no teochew, hokkien..?”
me: “nope”
him: *shakes head with despising look* “that’s the problem with singaporeans. dunno how to speak any dialects”
(he’s hongkonger)

like, hello? do they teach canto at school? teochew? hokkien? diaox.

you want hokkien? i have a string of hokkien vulgarities, euu waarn tuu hearr? kay ann ann bee see see beeeeee!

nb. -.=

he also asked, “why should i recruit you?” i was speechless. it’s kinda hard to find a reason when in my heart i was thinking, ‘i’d reject this damn job even if you pay me 2k!’

tsk. in the end i accepted the 2 weeks temp job at ntu. they said they always take in people as temp first, and if they do well, they’ll be converted to perm. let’s hope this one works out for me. and perhaps it’ll be easier for me to enter ntu if i worked there. *crosses fingers* lol.

oh yeah, forgot to add this yesterday. me got another tattoo on my hip! see see.

i tried to pester my parents to let me get a real one, but apparently they’re pretty adamant on not letting me have one. so i’ll just have to satisfy myself with fake stick-on ones, which is like, bloody lame and childish. hais. anyone know where i can get cheap and nice stick-on tattoos?

tired tired. i hate it when i’ll be tossing and turning the whole night before an interview. *falls asleep*


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