one of the deadliest diseases that occur in majority of women worldwide. i think i’ve got it, which would conveniently explain my grouchy mood swings recently. word of advice – best to leave me alone this time. i snap.

perhaps the lack of sleep and trying to adapt to a new working environment has also further aggravated it. i wish this monthly blood donation would hurry up; get it over and done with. i hate periods, period.

on the other hand, first day at NTU was not bad. ‘orientation’ was until 11, and there was another newjoiner, so basically we just stood around until then. so far i only had labellings and filings to do, but loretta wants me to join esther in finance training. i dunno why. hmmm. it doesn’t look like i’m staying for a mere 2 weeks, and i hope so. perm at NTU looks pretty fun too.

alas! have heeded lin’s advice and applied for NTU. *crosses fingers* but i doubt i’ll be accepted. sighx.

watched kung fu dunk with lin just now. storyline was not too bad. lin’s aim was to watch jay chou i guess, but we both ended up agreeing that baron chen looks hotter. lol.
pia 2 more days and then it’s the weekend again! settler’s cafe anyone? xD

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