pics as promised!

[ chocs & love letter from lin. super sweet! ^^ ]
[ roses from gary ]

thanks for them! muacks. xD
i’m considering whether or not to leave them like this in a bouquet, or separate them and twine the stalks around my bed frame. hmmms.

anyways, super tired today! maybe i used too much brain cells trying to decipher one of my boss’ handwriting. bloody messy and cursive. tsk. but he’s a nice guy. very pleasant to work for. esther’s lucky to be his secretary. lol.

went settler’s cafe @ clarke quay. steak is nice! hahax. we played blink, taboo, and another one called saboteur. that one’s fun; tests you for strategies and your observation skills. after dinner, 5 of us stood near the riverside trying to find places to go, cos apparently, ‘the night is still young‘. muhahaha~ we NEARLY decided on the airport. =p

in the end, went back woodlands for mac. tsk. but i had fun laughing and relaxing today. mind’s cafe anyone?


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