updates on my boring life!

lol. work has been alright so far. getting used to it day by day. in fact, i’m kinda enjoying it, cos i can msn and read fanfics when i have nothing to do, which is like, pretty often. hehehe. provost is back from his trip, though not in a very nice mood. extra reason to steer clear of his room. tony’s wonderful to work for. everytime he asks me to do something, he uses ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, words i hardly hear from bosses nowadays.

loving the ‘events management’ aspect of this job. arranging logistics, coordinating meetings, overseeing buffet lunches, doing stuff like that…i like! maybe i’m suited for events management jobs. hahax. but unfortunately, as i was talking to esther this afternoon, professional events management jobs require experience. and that sucks.

anyways, looking forward to gift-wrapping and pubbing tml, cny lunch celebration on thurs, and lunch buffet on fri. fun fun fun! xD

another thing is, in case i don’t blog in the next few days, happy 东方情人节!


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