backstabbers, maple, WATERHORSE

sometimes i rather people show me they don’t like me right from the start. that way, at least, i know what they’re thinking of. 1 minute they’re all so nice and friendly and caring, and next, someone else tells you about the bad stuff they said about you. is it sarcasm, or bad mood? but if you need someone to vent it on, i’d rather you throw it straight in my face. haiz. times when i don’t know whether ignorance is bliss.
i’m gonna be on leave soon again! ^^ time to chiong 2x again. hehe. when training at gobies is practically lag-free now (cept’ for stoopid avatar messengers and when someone pops into the map), i’m soo inclined to chiong chiong chiong! 20 more levels! omigosh i can’t believe i’m spending so much time and money on maple. someone stop mee please! XD
movies, dining, shopping, & movies again. more spending! 🙂 i need more money. i need more time. i need more life. lol. why do i have so many complaints? no can do. be contented girl!went to catch waterhorse just now. nice show! it’s about the loch ness monster. i think the little boy acted wayy better than the woman who played his mother. lol. and ben chaplin is hott! :p for its funny and heart-stopping moments, i’d say, go watch it la. also saw the trailer for indiana jones. tempted to watch that one too. tsk.

horton next week. like, finally? lol. cheer up cher, miss you gals. (:


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