was too bored at work today, so again i went browsing ppf. got kinda interested about this particular type of siggy that alot of people were using. it shows your rank, exp, level, and char. out of curiosity, i went to the site – http://henesys.com/, and i have to admit, the sig generator’s pretty cool. and the best part? it updates automatically. yep, every single exp you gain in game, it updates for you (maybe 30 mins later tho) so you don’t have to edit anything. may consider switching to this cos there’s a pink one! ^^v
after reaching my lv100 goal, i seem to have lost all motivation to chiong. i only gained 3% last night!! ._. though i played only like, 15 mins? lol. maybe if i get a cash hat to cover up the fugly…thingy…on my head, or get my pet even though it works like crap, or..or…i quit maple then. lol.
xiong xiong (and guild) stop tempting me with cabal! you know my lappy can’t support. zzZz. lucky i don’t quite like 3d games. but the graphics are cooooool. argh!
i think i’m getting old. back in school i could go shopping or movies 2 or 3 times a week and turn up for school the next day only a lil tired. but i only went for a movie last night and now i feel like a zombie. thank god there’s half day today! should i sleep? should i watch movies online? should i chiong 2x? LOL.
mehhh. *is braindead* i should get back to work. XD
p/s. i wish they’ll hurry up and catch the bloody escaped fugitive. those searches and the morning rains are causing me to be late for work! 😦

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