random thoughts

i’m obsessed with chopsticks in my hair. hahas. girls with long hair: try using a chopstick to tie your hair instead.
1) no more ugly rubber band marks
2) easy to tie – twist and poke
3) easier to remove – just pull

lolx. alright alright, i said it was random! ._.

esther was on leave today. her son fell ill. hope he gets well soon! busy busy the whole day, though i could still msn and surf the net at the same time. i can multitask! 🙂 come lunchtime, i happened to pop in loretta’s room, and, knowing esther wasn’t around, susie invited me to lunch.

it may not be a big deal, but compared to lonely lunches at hsbc and ecsf, this is indeed a refreshing change. it’s such a nice feeling, to know that there’s someone to fall back on when your usual lunch partner is on hiatus, though i sure hope this doesn’t happen too often. i prefer bitching with esther. hahs.

nice little chat we had there this afternoon sasa. thanks for the advice; they made sense. thanks for being there. *muacks*

tempted to drag some girls to this party this weekend. free drinks plus free ogling!

lol. relax. i kid, i kid. =x

time for bed. i can barely keep my eyes open. soo tired. 😦 nite nite!


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