just ranting

i know i shouldn’t be complaining about work, even more so at work, but i’m so freaking pissed and frustrated now.
been staring at the screen the whole day for mon, tues and today. that’s almost 24 hours! doing nothing but going through each single contact in the (ntu) president’s phone book. i don’t know who to direct my screams at.
president? telephone numbers are merely there so you can press call. who cares if they look nice or not. now just because you think the format isn’t pretty enough, i have to go through every single one and edit it to your liking? oh man…
the person who entered the info in the first place? can’t you enter it correctly? numbers, address, words; most of it is pretty much messed up. don’t you read english? zzZz.
yes it’s a simple task. a simple boring task. but you’ll get tired of it soon. there’s not 100 contacts, not 200, not even 300. but a whopping 1. 6. 1. 9. of them. my poor eyes. my poor dead brain cells. wasted on editing phone numbers. oh and not only that. i even have to search for the dialling codes for overseas numbers. to make things worse, each country and state, has a freaking different dialling code! *bangs wall*
i hate microsoft office outlook. ._.
[/end of rant]
back home now. i’m beat. thank god i finished the contacts before lunch, so i slacked all the way to 5plus. that’s when work came in. oh wells. had a little private talk with susie. let’s hope some good news come my way. 🙂

for animal lovers, here’s a pretty interesting vid on youtube. click here. and i so totally loved the song teardrops on my guitar. she’s so pretty! lols.


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