i’m okay

qn: why did mushdad divorce with mushmom?
ans: cos everytime he tracked her, she was at someone else’s house.

hur hur. never mind if you don’t get it.

i’m lamely bored, or boredly lame. whatever. A is going on half day, cos B is on leave and there’s no one to talk to. C just came back from leave and is complaining she’s bored. D, here, is also super duper bored to tears and wonders if she should follow A on leave. tsk tsk.

buddy buddy, thanks for the super short talk last night. lol. i (still) dunno why it’s hush-hush, but, take care and have fun over there! hope to see you when you come back. (:

i should go dig up all my long-lost friends. maybe i’ll get back to who i was back then. i see two choices. fake ignorance, think that everyone is my friend and gets hurt when any one of them decides to turn against me, or just ignore everyone and live contentedly in solitary-land. i’m tired of sifting and filtering, of suspecting and guessing. i guess i’ll probably go with the former.

so yeah..i’m okay now, if there’s anyone wondering. hmmm. buddy did seem abit worried, or was he…not? *shrugs*

i should stop driving myself nuts. ha-ha. dinner, pubbing, movies, maple! brokeee, which is why i choose to stay here in the office and rot instead of taking leave. tsk.

speaking of maple, 16 more levels!! gosh. can’t wait can’t wait…*chants* by the way, the joke above..mushmom spawns at someone else’s house, if you don’t already know.

i’m babbling nonsense.


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