maple maple maple

i thought today started out quite bad, cos mum was taking her own sweet time and making me late for work. i couldn’t get my morning coffee from macs cos for some reason, it closed down. and my wedges were falling apart but i don’t have super glue with me. tsk.

but luckily, loretta’s on leave today! which means no filing, no kneeling on the ground with papers all around and no walking back and forth. pretty slack day today. and to top if off, yummy rich dark chocolate air-flown in straight from germany, courtesy of tony. ooh la la~

haha. yesterday was much worse though. map was raided right at the start of 2x timeslot. ppffftt! also had to eat maggi mee the whole day since it was raining and nobody would go out to buy dinner for me. so sad. then i got hooked to this jap horror movie (got eye candy!) and missed the second 2x timeslot. that’s 4hrs wasted. i probably missed my chance to level up again.

and when i finally thought i could chiong in peace, lag came. i think i’m one of the pro-est mapler ever.

goby house bomb → lag → diuuu

back at town, repot, went back dsg2.

goby house bomb → lag → diuuu again ._.

raped by 2 batches of gobies ALL UNDER 2 MINUTES!! that’s two charms wasted. grr! (ignore the pun.)

bahh. i’m crapping. been watching too much youtube vids on bowmasters. motivation arrives! funny how there’s aplenty of vids on bowmasters solo-ing papu clock. is that the easiest boss to fight for bms? i wants my dp and soa and se!! chiiioooonnnnnggg~!
i should stop blogging about maple all the time. it’s probably scaring slash boring off whatever non-mapling readers i have left. hur hur. =x

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