maple diary?

got inspired by angelia and her maple blog, so i’ve decided to create one for myself, rather than flood my main blog with maple stuff. so yep, from now on, i’ll be posting screenshots of daily trainings (maybe) and some interesting events that i may happen to come across. not likely though. lolx. it’ll just be for record purposes, so that someday i can look back and reminisce about my noob archer days. xD

don’t be surprised if you find ALL the screenshots are of my solo training. i don’t party cos i don’t like it. maybe it’s due to my bad experience of partying as a cleric/priest. i only party buddies for fun or when they need help, and strangers when it’s absolutely necessary (completing quests or FOG etc). i seldom participate in gpqs or guild events, mainly cos i guild-hop. normally i would prefer to remain guildless, but xiong was the one who got me in my current one, and it’s not bad, so let’s see how long i’ll last in it.

for starters, i levelled to smexy 111 last night. no screenshots for that. shall remember to take more next time. hahx.

have been training at dsg/deep sea gorge/gobies for almost 20 levels! the exp rate there is considered quite reasonable – around 13-14% (or around 2.2m) per hour at lvl 111 on 2x exp. i don’t know how on earth some people get 2m+ exp per hour without 2x. hais. tried vikings yesterday, for a change of environment and perhaps a chance to hunt ilbi, but they were too painful. and since i don’t party, sotongs is pretty much out for me. i can’t think of where else, so 9 more levels of gobying for me! >_<

since it’s the first post and all, i’m gonna add this in as well. main source of motivation comes from SOA (storm of arrows), DP (dragon pulse), and SE (sharp eyes). browse through any bowmaster videos and i’m sure you’ll be tempted to try it too! can’t wait till i finally get my hands on SOA. gambatte aphro!

ok that didn’t go too well. died twice during 2x. thank god for charms!


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