breeks, posb & long john

a form came for me yesterday. seeeeee. my name! lolx. it was nothing much actually, but it’s been a long time since i received something at the office. it makes me feel wanted. =X

it was breeks for dinner. 4 of us ordered 5 main dishes that came with soup of the day and dessert. yummy! the bbq chicken wasn’t as nice as i had expected, neither was the steak nor my cajun chop. i still like their dory spaghetti best. hahx.

went posb this morning with mummy. updated my bankbook and realized how little i was earning each month. >.< guess i should learn to control the number ppcs i buy, as well as my spending habits. no more breeks, no more new york, no more fancy restaurants, no more movies, no more shopping. i’ll eat maggi mee everyday.

lol just kidding.

had long john silver after that. got the feeling of being cheated. we bought 2 breakfast sets, one turkey bacon, one fish. the turkey came in the form of one thin strip of bacon, while the fish was a mere nugget cut in half. toast wasn’t buttered enough, egg and cheese were sooo thin. coffee sucks. overall, we paid $11 for crap. avoid long john silver!!


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