level 112

leveled up to 112 last night. yays! ^_^

took me approximately 3-4 days to up one level, playing 2.5 hours a day on 2x. at this rate, i should be able to reach 4th job by end may. whoots. but as my level increases, the exp i need to gain gets much higher. i need around 19m now, and i know 29m is needed at level 119. shucks!!

gobies are freaking me out now. 8 more levels of these fishes. can i take it? o_0

saw aphro do 5.3k with rain on a goby. theoretically, that’s…32k in total on 6 gobies!! it’s not much as compared to other jobs, but it’s still like, GODLY if compared to my noob priest. 😛

f3 aphro.


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