accident+kaypo people=jam

would be late for work for the first time if mummy didn’t fetch me all the way to school. i think she was late as a result. oops! reason being? heavy jam. =.=

there was a 5-car chain collision at one of the bends. the first car slowed down to kaypo, the one behind him has to as well, and there you go, MASSIVE JAM. morons, idiots, bakas! the cars weren’t even on the road; they were moved to the road shoulder. there shouldn’t be any obstructions for the other cars to go on. but nooo, these people had to slow down and look, and maybe get some numbers for 4d? well i bloody hope you LOSE! best you lose your car and perhaps there won’t be any more jams caused by brainless people like you. zzz.

yes i’m evil, but this isn’t the first time i’m stuck in a jam because people always slow down and kaypo. traffic news always advise people NOT to slow down and cock up the whole road. obviously nobody listens.

you may have guessed. after the accident area, all the cars speed up and zoom off and roads were practically clear all the way. darn these %*#&%)! =.=

and no, my parents aren’t included, because like me, they curse and swear at the same dumbos each time they have to brake because the car in front wants to have a peek.

to all drivers who happen to stumble upon this, please do not slow down and kaypo, because you know somewhere out there, someone will be cursing you if you do. 😀


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