starving dog = art?

i was appalled to hear on the radio last night about this ‘artist’ Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, who apparantly took a stray dog off the streets, tied it to a short rope in an art gallery, and starved it to death. the dog’s agony was supposed to be the ‘masterpiece’. based on the pictures, i assume the words on the wall were made of dog kibbles? can you imagine how the dog feels, smelling all the dog food and yet it can’t have them? torture!

this Vargas guy also told everyone not to feed the dog, and amazingly, everyone obliged! according to the email, “the ‘artist’ and the visitors of the exhibition have watched emotionlessly…until eventually he died.”


and to make matters worse, the “prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American decided that the installation was actually art, so that Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel action for the biennial of 2008.”

prestigious my ass. are there not enough animal cruelty cases in the world?

animal cruelty is one thing. publicly displaying animal cruelty is another thing. thinking that publicly displaying animal cruelty is art, is yet another thing. and supporting this idiotic thinking is the worst thing of all.

i wish some terrorist-wannabe can bomb this vargas guy to pieces. “oh look, there’s his arm! there’s his leg. ooh there’s his skull! eh, it’s empty. no brains!”

THAT is art. 🙂

but anyways, there’s this petition going on, and you can read some versions of the email here.


or please go haunt that fucker for life.


rant rant rant. super pissed at office today. i doubt anyone understands this part, but still, i need to get it off.

as you know, i’m currently occupying a room by myself, and since i’m only a temp, i’ve expected to give it up if anyone needs it. so today, that asshole vincent (whose chinese name is CHIN CHYE) walked in and told me this room would be given to a professor and i will need to leave. under normal circumstances, i would have agreed, but noooo.

  1. save that haughty stuckup lj face. no matter who the fuck you are, i’ll still look down on you because your attitude sucks.
  2. i’m loretta’s assistant, not yours. i don’t listen to you.
  3. i ask you to inform loretta, you say you don’t have to ‘ask permission from a secretary’. wow wow, where’s your basic manners?
  4. since you bragged you’re in charge of the planning, may i ask, where do i sit then? where am i supposed to move all provost’s files? hur hur.

i’m amused that he’s trying to gain favour of the president when, if president asks, the only one who will support him is his little ‘wife cum secretary’. i don’t understand why the rest of the gals outside can put up with his scoldings and stuff. the way i see it, they’re all too scared to fight back.

he probably got a shock the other time he called me into his office and i gave him a “do i look like i fucking care about the shit you’re saying now?” look. he switched to esther. she’s better. she told him off straight. i need to learn from her. sheesh.

after we told tony what happened, he went to speak to vincent. when tony came back, he said the problem’s solved and i don’t have to move. but ho-ho, in came 2 guys who happily took measurements and even dared to stretch his measuring tape right across the table WITH ALL MY PAPERS STILL EVERYWHERE! does it not look like i’m working? needless to say, they got their manners from vincent. bahx.

i hope that terrorist-wannabe from up there bombs vincent as well. “eh look, there’s his skull. oohh another one with no brains!”

loretta and susie say they’re going to speak to president about it, and i bloody hope that chinchye person gets fired. i don’t see why not, seeing that the whole office has something against him. i’m guessing, both loretta and esther are searching for new jobs. haiz. i like it here (mainly because of esther), but no way i’m gonna stay if both of them leave. please lemme get accepted! T_T

apologies for my use of language. i don’t suppose there are any underaged people here anyway. have a nice weekend!


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