finally ._.

uh huh. finally leveled up. not a very pretty screenie i must say. but now you can see how much damage gobies deal to me. sad.

because of the unexpected last-minute server check which lasted 5 and a half hours and ate ~1 hour into my 2x timeslot, i couldn’t get the 10% exp i had initially planned for. i left it at 0.02%. tsk. i’m expecting 118 to be (kinda) the hardest level to go, being ‘so near yet so far’. lolx. 119 would probably be easier, since i’m so anxious and all.

and with so many things going on this week/end, i’m gonna have even less time to train. bahx. i wish someone could let me leech safely while i’m at work. =\

p/s. mehh. practically all of my screenies are of the gobies map. neverminds. 2 more levels and i can add nicer screenies here. 🙂


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