movies, shopping..whatnot?

caught forbidden kingdom with lin. been wanting to watch it because of jet li and jackie chan. thanks girl! anyway, the storyline is plain lame. no offence. something about going back into time, the 5 mountains and a jade emperor who speaks english. i can’t believe it. they use more chinese actors than western ones; they might as well use mandarin too! bahhx. but the action made up for it. the fighting’s cooool. the funny scenes are, well, funny. oh, and there’s michael angarano. HE IS DARN HOTT! 😛

p/s. shopping, lin!!!

before that, i went for some retail therapy to counter ‘depression’ mode due to the rejection. not much, but enough. passed by, and saw the pig. bought it on impulse. do you still have the one i bought you? it’s been almost 3 years, and they’re actually still selling it. lol.

i stuffed the lot in my bag and upon reaching home, i realized…

uh huh. and then i wanted to brush my teeth…

gosh. i’m turning into a pink freak! lmao.


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