bowmaster at last

i was wrong. 119 is the HARDEST level of all. cos i was so anxious to level; even 2x was slow for me. bahhx. but still, ta-da! lvl 120 at last! ^^

starting the ‘journey’…

no way i’m gonna hunt the 2 items, so i bought the scroll instead.

yes i’m 10 million mesos poorer. and then…

yesssss!! also did the quest for SOA. my first SOA ever!

i was planning to have 1 SE, 1 DP and 1 phoenix the next level, but i realized the timer for lv2 SE is just crap. i may have to forgo the DP next level and add 2sp to SE instead. oh wells.

i never thought i’d actually make it this far. 4th job! kewl~ lol. next long term aim? max the holy trinity i guess.

anyway, went to a guildmate’s wedding on fri. cute couple.

all the best everyone~!!

was bored of training, so i went to do the phoenix quest. it gave me 2m exp! lolx. i forgot to take screenies of the phoenix, so all i have is one of the egg.


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