pp, terence’s bdae and mum’s day

i’ve been so hung up on leveling my last ranger level that i’m gonna combine 3 days into one.


met up with yh at parkway parade. i’m never gonna go there again! =x

finished at 5.15pm, headed down to je, and the bus left at 6.15pm. that’s one hour. nicee. guess what time i reached parkway parade? ALMOST 8.30PM!!! wtf? 2.25hrs simply on that journey. bahhx.

it was rather nice talking (or rather, listening) to him that night. he exudes a sense of maturity i haven’t seen in anyone i know. that scares me. lolx. but it did make me think about stuff, so yeah, thanks! =)

my heart nearly stopped later that night, when the cab uncle said nets wasn’t available. luckily i had enough. *reminds herself to carry more money*

p/s. yh where’s my sms hur??



wanted to wake up early to chiong maple, but apparently i overslept, so the whole day was spent at terence’s place. his 21st bdae! anyway i’m not close to him, and since not much of my cousins came, i played mahjong instead. =.=

dad has a big mouth. so now most of my relatives know it’s gonna be my turn at the end of this year. even harder to escape the party.



happy mother’s day~!

stayed home. dinner at ah ma’s later. lalala~




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