phoenix, new events and server checks

righttt. was questing and suddenly got dc-ed. turns out there’s another urgent server check. tsk.

asiasoft always manage to piss us off with their patches. the 19 hour patch that was supposed to end 7pm yesterday, got extended to 11.30pm. this morning, i saw that there was an urgent check at 1am, and apparently, some maplers got roll-backed. thank god i wasn’t, even though i only played 5% last night.

then i wanted to start playing, only to realize there was yet another check. AFTER that check, they said the servers weren’t stable, and advised us NOT to do hardcore leveling. how nice. after subsequent checks, it was already afternoon. =.=

i’m not exactly pissed off at them patching. i understand it’s hard and tiring for them as well. but it’s the way they say it. i don’t mind a 24hr or even 30hr patch, but i DO mind a 19hr patch that gets extended and extended at the very last minute. you get what i mean?

hope this is the last check they’ll gonna do. *cross fingers*

still, i managed to level up. yay!

was debating between phoenix and DP, but since i’ve already got phoenix skill and it’s so hard to find a party for elnath pq, i dumped the last sp into phoenix.

i saw her (it’s her cos i say so) do 7.1k on a leatty. cool!

there was a couple of new quests, like the stupid jar quest, which is bugged so it can’t be completed. =.= cassandra’s fortune telling quest is more worth it. here’s what i got!

it’s repeatable, AND random! some of my guildmates got 2x mesos. hehe. there are also a couple of quests which give out ice models or something like that. they turn you into a mob, but once you get hit, the effect disappears. lolx.

my noob turned into a mushroom while my main turned into an alien. XD

started my concentration quest. so went back to vic. decided to pop by sg and do some quests.

halfway through…well, you get it.

since they cut me off just as i hit a mob, i’m expecting to see a tombstone when i log in. bahhx. X(


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