boring day~~

blogging in the office again. so bored. there’s nothing for me to do, but yet i’m expected to sit here and look pretty. -.- dear esther is on leave today, and poor me has to sit at her desk and basically just answer calls, or tending to her boss occasionally. same goes for tml afternoon and friday, where practically everyone is on leave. haiz.

and so, crunchyroll becomes my best friend, since tudou is not working. T_T vampire knight anime is nicee, so is himitsu. anime guys are super shuai! lol.

i’ve got as much energy as a dead fish now. bahhx. hope i can make it this weekend. me wants to gooooo! *cross fingers*

randomness!! passion fruit+strawberry essential oil=sweet and nice smelling room. butterfly neckie is pretty and makes me feel happy just by looking at it. (i think i’m starting to get addicted to butterflies.) XD


sometimes i think i should move on.
sometimes i pine for him.
sometimes i think he’s not worth it.
sometimes i can’t bear to give up the memories.
sometimes i want to see him.
sometimes i don’t.
sometimes i think, heck it’s just a friendly conversation.
sometimes i don’t dare to talk.
sometimes i wonder how he is.
sometimes i don’t (want to) care.
sometimes i wish i could meet someone who can replace him.
sometimes i hope he will be that one for me.

sometimes i think i’m going mad soon. lol. take care in brunei.
(i know he’ll know if he reads this, but…wtf lah.) =x


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