robinsons, food festival, pink monster!

went down the expo for the robinsons sale and the singapore food festival thingy. the food festival was so packed! but we had a lot of fun squeezing through the crowd, eating free samples (yeah cheapo me), poking fun at people who use a broken microphone, and buying yummy stuff! stocked up lots of maggi mee, so pop down if you don’t mind the crowd and need some maggi mee. lolx.

the robinsons one was abit disappointing, though the lack of crowd made it easier for us to browse the stuff. i had planned to buy shoes, but the nice ones all don’t come in my size. when i finally found one that has, it didn’t come in a color i like. tsk. nevertheless, i got myself a new pink bag, a couple of swimsuits, and a top! yay! XD (but oh so broke.)

and so, i now have a pink bag to hold my pink wallet, pink handphone pouch, pink makeup purse and pink furry mp3 pouch. pink monster!! 😀

was about to praise myself for having only 2 meals today, when yh asks me out for supper. -.-”’ must try to resist fries!

you and i
i never thought i’d fall for you
the best thing underneath the twinkling stars
my heart desires to be close to you
so you can take my hand and embrace me now
minimizing all my fears and i know
that all my doubts will disappear
there’s nothing to conceal
it’s real

suddenly recalled one of me and cher’s previous conversations at the esplanade. as i look back at stuff i wrote around this time last year, i felt the way she felt when she read it. yeah. ‘why on earth did you write that?’ ‘it was nauseating.’

oh yes dear cher. i understand it now. *mentally kicks herself*

then i recall some of my conversations with yh and mk, and sa tells me some stuff rui said. it makes me feel bad, cos i’ve overlooked alot of mature people whom i should be hanging out with. people with goals and aims and is actually working towards them, instead of just bragging about it. people who can actually be both fun and serious, instead of taking everything and everyone as a joke. i’ve wasted one whole year. i hate myself for that.

credits to sa for waking me up. let’s hope it’s not too late.


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