first attempt at clocking

had the sudden urge to try papu. so i repotted and headed down ludi. i had to hunt the ludi medal first, from thanatos or gatekeeper. i realized each channel only had 2 of the mobs each. so yeah, took me quite some time. finally was able to summon papu.

started panicking at first cos it kept attacking me with the skill that reduced HP and MP to 1. luckily i had some power elixirs. my SOA wasn’t enough to KB it, so i couldn’t plant the puppet behind me. thus i took a lot of damage. it was all quite okay, until it summoned the stupid bombs. i could clear the first few, but when both the bombs AND papu advanced on me, i couldn’t puppet in time, so ta-da! tombstone!

within about 5 mins, i lost 1% and some pot money, but gained a tiny bit of clocking experience. i think i shall try clocking again at lv 130 instead. lol.


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