movie with yh

no comment. comedy, check. action, check. touching, check. you decide.

i should never try to buy weekend tickets 20 minutes before the movie is supposed to start. yh wanted to watch 10 promises to my dog, but i’m watching with the gals. wanted to watch get smart, but sold out. wanted to watch wanted, but no good seats. ho sey la! ended up watching hancock, one hour later. -_-”

the only good thing i can think of currently for credit cards, is the ability to book those tickets online! tsk. (btw, yh has lobang for hsbc credit card applications. interested parties may contact me. lol.)

on 10 promises to my dog…
yh: actually i wanted to watch hancock, but i remember you like animals ma.
me: oh. i already watching it next week le.
then…zhu, am i still supposed to treasure him? lol.

(p/s my dear zhuzhu, me and him are just friends. nobody can replace you in my heart. LOL! >_<)


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