boring boring day~

yet another uneventful day at work today. slacked all the way to noon, where i had to rush out copies and copies of documents for a very impatient professor. i hate it when they send over stuff so last minute. they think i can print/photocopy/sort/file 4 sets of them (nearly 100 pages each) in 5 minutes or something? grrrr!

backlog shredding. i had painstakingly shredded piles and piles of unwanted documents from the 3 trashbags brought in from provost’s house, and when i’m almost done, L brings in more unwanted docs from her side! this pile can ‘last’ me at least a week; there’s just so much that stupid shredder can hold. =(

my table was nice and empty in the morning. despite the mad rush during noon, i still managed to clear the stuff after lunch. but guess what came in in the evening.

lucky she’s on leave tml, so i can slowly complete my work. 🙂


here‘s a japanese horoscope thingy for you to try if you’re too free.

You are Gold Raccoon, who display an easy outlook, and are very graceful.
You give an impression of typical traditional Japanese women.
You are always quiet, and will not speak out your thoughts openly.
Your modesty and gracefulness will avoid friction, and will be able to make the harsh atmosphere turn friendly.
You tend to forget things easily and make easy promises.
But your cheerful and active character pays for those weak points.
It may be a good idea if you take notes.
You don’t think things seriously, and people may think you to be too indifferent.
This may be a good thing to do sometimes, but it may also result in you losing important things and people.
But once you set an objective, your concentration is amazing.
Once you start on something, you will accomplish the goal no matter what.
Unlike your pretty atmosphere, in real life, you are very active person, and although you may look sensitive, you have great nerve and guts.
You also possess observing eyes towards people, and have great talent and know how to get on in life.
You act as though you are weak towards men, but really you are the one manipulating them successfully.
You are likely to make your husband a dominating one.
You are more interested in your career than your love life.
But once you fall in love, you get extremely passionate, and will attack with all your heart and mind and strength.
After getting married, you will put all your energy into your family.



was supposed to meet mummy for dinner at imm after work. upon reaching there and almost completing my shopping, she told me she not coming. PANG SEH SIA!! then i gotta make my own way back. lucky never wear heels today.

*rants* i wanna eat tony roma’s, jap at 日本村, watch 10 promises to my dog, and meet up with sasa before she disappears again. someone remind me, why are there only 24 hours in a day?


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