coffee, tea or me?

how i wish i can have a nice, hot cup of mocha or latte every morning. macdonald’s coffee sucks. lolx.

did you know?
The average person who buys coffee outside the office to consume at work will spend the equivalent value of a round trip plane ticket to Florida every year.

omg. i suppose this is called 积少成多. lolx.

while on the bus this morning, i saw quite alot of people reading. i was wondering why, since it’s still the hols at ntu, when i noticed the books seemed similar. i glanced at the nearest one, and guess what book it was?

some sort of christian workbook. you know, the kind where you have to fill in the blanks? there was even one girl who was flipping through the bible (looking for answers i presume). it struck me as amusing. go church also need to do homework one meh? and it looked like they were all busy mugging last minute for some sort of test or exam. for what? to make them remember the bible? if they really believe in their religion, don’t need test they also will remember right?

i hope no one feels offended by this. or maybe i misunderstood, since i’m only an onlooker. come to think of it, i’m also trying to remember the meanings of the cards of the tarot. but then again, the tarot isn’t considered a religion… is it?


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