ndp 08

me likes …

… the orchid. 🙂

we’re all in red cos we’re going for ndp at marina. lol. i think it’s been almost 10 years since i last went down to watch the ndp on site. pretty excited. i wanna see fireworks! lolx.

it started drizzling the moment we reached. we tried to tahan with umbrella, but when it got heavier, we succumbed and took out the ugly raincoats instead. >.< lucky it stopped before the show started. (though it rained again nearing the end.)

p/s. loads of army/police personnel along the way + marching contingent. die die die! i think i’m attracted to guys in uniform. 认真的男人好~~帅啊!=x

photos courtesy of aunt N. blame her for bad quality. lolx.

adrian pang

red lions

red lions

marching contingent


i suddenly missed my npcc drilling days. ahh nostalgia.

black knights

anything else, we didn’t take, cos it started to rain again. luckily they didn’t cancel out the fireworks. love love fireworks! even more pretty up close; better than last year’s i feel.

enjoyed myself. despite the rain. 🙂


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