work sucks :(

skipped lunch, which meant i flipped through the same 20 pages of contract for 8+ hrs. pro eh?! -.-

starting to feel very pressurized cos there’s so much to remember, so many little details to take note of, and so many people to talk to/call/liaise with. i’m kinda overwhelmed with all the new information here at RT. it’s scaring me cos i don’t know if i’m up to it at all. i’ve never felt like that at all the previous places i’ve worked, not even at the legal firm.

the irrational half of me wants quit and escape back to comfort zone, while the logical half’s trying to convince me that i should stay because comfort zone is not gonna take me anywhere.

oh gosh, i miss studying.

dad keeps saying i should leave only after gaining a couple years of experience. leave for a bigger company where travel opportunities are aplenty. i feel he just wants me to realize his dream for him. the top – is that where i’ll be happy?

pet shops want experienced people. training lessons at the singapore kennel club costs a 4-digit fee. zoo/night safari/birdpark thinks i’m overqualified for a normal zookeeper. vet courses are overseas and f**king expensive. is there really no place for me at all?

oh wells.

my usual day:
10 hrs = at work
2.5 hrs = travelling
4.5 hrs = sleeping
3 hrs =
2 hrs = online..gaming
2 hrs left for my pets!

can you believe i’m wasting so much of my precious 24 hrs on useless stuff? work is never-ending; why do i have to spend a freaking TEN HOURS at work?

more time at work = less time at home = less time with partner = less time to make babies = government’s plan to increase birth rate PHAILED~! there should be a rule to make the official working hours 9-5, and another rule to make OT illegal.

yep. *prays hard*


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