just the other day, i was at cwp with my parents for dinner. after dinner, i couldn’t finish my drink so i thought of getting a cover and taking it home for my bro. as we walked to the drinks stall, my dad was hovering at the back of the queue trying to figure out how to ask for a cover without looking like he’s jumping queue. amused, i walked to the counter, vied for the attention of the cashier, and got the stuff i wanted.

when i walked back to him, he said (in mandarin)

“wah now you faster than me liao ah! last time you would be waiting for me at dunno how far away.”

felt a weird sense of pride.

during shopping, my mum saw this hand rest.

well, not exactly this one. hers was more of a bun with a smiling face on it. it looked really really real. could tell she liked it a lot, but wasn’t too willing to waste 5 bucks for it. so i bought it for her.

felt another weird surge of ecstasy. -.-

i think i’ve been too dependent on others for too long. unknowingly, when i’m finally beginning to stand on my own feet, it feels kinda weird…and yet i’m glad to be taking care of others for a change. it’s probably still a long way to go, but at least it’s a start. 🙂


was chatting with jx, someone whom i met long long time ago on an online fish forum, and haven’t been contacting for a long long time as well. he keeps shrimps too.

jx: eh i still remember something you taught me.
me: oo? what?
jx: you teach me when marine fish got itch, must feed garlic.
me: wah you still remember sia!

honestly i’ve forgotten already. it’s been many years since i last kept marine fishes. nice to know someone remembers what i said. haha. although, IT’S NOT FEED GARLIC HOR!! actually, you have to soak the food in garlic solution before feeding it to fishes that are down with itch. it builds up their immune system to fight the itch. lol.

anyway, he’s willing to pei me pub despite being not too fond of alcohol. yay!! ^_^ v


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