when i saw huilian for the first time, there was this weird sense of familiarity about her. initially i thought she looked abit like ying, but then there just that something missing. only today did i realize, she’s like shuhui, which explains the sense of familiarity. man i haven’t seen that girl for 2 months. *reminds herself to ask her out next week*

ahem. with jack’s place yesterday and tony roma’s today, i’m turning into a horrible carnivore! 😦 i guess i better go veg this weekend.

but at least i tried something new today. along with the usual singapore sling and long island, i had one of the house cocktails – frozen cadillac top shelf romarita! (i think…)

it tastes pretty light and refreshing, as compared to the other too-sweet fruity cocktails. i forgot to see what it’s made of; tequila i think. it’s even better if you don’t use the straw, because of the salt-rimmed glass. i still prefer my bitter long island though.

notes to self:
i shall live each day happily regardless of whether you view me as a silly pampered princess or young ignorant girl. life goes on whether or not i have you in my life. if i’m too not-serious for you, you’re simply too serious for me. period.


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