fruitful life?

this is bad. had jack’s place yet again today, thanks to complimentary vouchers that expire tomorrow. -.- must diet liao! i wish it’d stop raining. i need to swim! 😦

work sucks more and more. :\

urgent meeting before lunch freaked me out. i thought got what big problem, turn out it’s only a normal meeting. didn’t quite understand what boss was saying, but it did help me a little with the projects i’m handling. bah.

i hate it when work or meetings come in at the end of the day. i hate it when work eats into my personal time. i hate it when i have to sms my engineers and managers and yet i don’t get mobile allowance.


something weird i realized though. have been going out after work and returning late for the whole of this week. i’m tired, but yet i feel life isn’t that boring as before. appointments after work also keep me motivated during the day cos i have something to look forward to. hmmm…

ahhh wth. i shall not think too much and keep my brain cells for work. tata.

yes i’m lame.

p/s. muacks lin! ^^


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