3 hours and $35 cabfare later, i finally settled that damn m1 bill.

honestly at first, i felt a little bad about scolding that gal who served me. i have to admit, it’s not exactly her fault. it’s just the fucked up m1 system. but then when i asked her why the address was not changed despite repeated clarifications from me, she said, “i’m not the one who called you. it’s done by another department, so i don’t know anything.” i felt guilt-free. i wish i could do the same like m1.

“i’m not the one who used the broadband. it’s done by another person, so i don’t know anything.”

it was so thoroughly shiok to tell her, “i’ve already terminated the line. after i pay this bill, i won’t have anything to do with m1 anymore.” i love that expression on her face. XD

i know i’m evil.

anyway, i’m okay now. no more pissed. thanks for all the concern. even though i ignored everyone on msn. =X extra big thanks to cher cos i think i kinda took it out on her last night. *muacks*

in fact, i’m kinda happy today. because both directors want to give me an early confirmation. after only 5 weeks! yay! no more unpaid leaves. more importantly, salary increase!! ^^ v

at last, i’m feeling appreciated.

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