platonic sex

don’t worry, it’s not porn, though it is m18 and somewhat related to the porn industry.

This is based on the story of Ai Iijima. Ready to take her own life by jumping off the school roof, young Aoi Kadokura (Saki Kagami) receives an e-mail message on her cell phone. It was meant for someone else but the sentiment expressed gives Aoi enough solace that she steps down the ledge. Having been gang-raped by some “friends” on her 17th birthday, the girl finds that her parents are totally unsympathetic and concerned only about what the neighbors think. Aoi leaves home and tries to get by on the streets.

She finds more success as a club girl and is soon earning very handsome tips from middle-aged patrons. That does not come close to covering over 3 million yen in debts she has accumulated via designer brand shopping sprees, so Aoi reluctantly accepts the advice of her sleazy “manager” (Taishu Kase) and enters the adult video business on her 18th birthday.

All the while, she stays in e-mail contact with Toshi (Joe Odagiri), the young bartender/club DJ who mistakenly sent her that message a year earlier. When the two finally hook up, the loneliness they have felt is finally alleviated. Toshi is extremely conscious of what others think, so Aoi borrows money from a “professional benefactor” (Tokyo Raiders’ Hiroshi Abe) in order to break her five picture AV contract. However, this quick fix ultimately does little to ease the troubles ahead.

the ending: toshi dies trying to save a young kid crossing the road. only before that, he realizes he still loves aoi, and sends a final email to her.

sad ending.

“what is precious to you? you’ll know what is precious when you’ve lost it.”

treasure what you have. don’t wait till it’s too late…


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