costa sand

super shag, but satisfied. *wink*

lol. RT had an official half-day today. all the office staff miraculously appeared at the office in the morning, double-checking the stuff and making sure we had everything. around 1plus, we set off for the chalet at pasir ris.

couldn’t check-in yet, so we hung around and made fun of the poor lifeguard sitting there in the sun staring at the empty pool. (thanks guys for helping me ‘check out’ every lifeguard on duty.) almost an hour later, the rooms were finally ready.

after settling in and packing away the foods and stuff, it was 4 plus already. the guys started the fire, and it was the first time i’m seeing a big boss getting his hands dirty with charcoal. cool~

we had bbq meat, seafood, fingerfood etc; over 20 types of food available. (i sound like promotion for some buffet restaurant. lol.) din eat much at first, cos dowan to go near the fire ma. 😛 nearer the end, they started to bbq all the food regardless of whether anyone wanted them or not. that was when i started my dinner. tsk.

especially love those honey wings, bacon, and curry hotdogs. red wine was nice too, even though one bottle wasn’t exactly enough to share among the 4 or 5 drinkers there.

enjoyed myself. had fun laughing and joking with everyone. i think it’s kinda hard to find colleagues who suan each other, poke fun at each other, and make crude jokes together etc. it’s so much easier to blend in when they treat you like family instead of some newcomer/stranger. for some strange reason, i’m glad i let anton talk me into coming for this interview.

we celebrated helen’s birthday too. besides the chanel present we gave her, there was also a huge bouquet of flowers. helen loved it so much, she carried it around asking people to carry it so she can take photo. lolx. (p/s. for bouquets that size, it’s considered pretty cheap. guys can contact me for that florist.)

another long day tml. *yawns* nitex.


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