goodbye september

last day of september! time passes so fast.

it’s been 2 months at RT. so far so good. and as if i ain’t stressed enough, i’ve just been ‘awarded’ yet another project to handle. ho-ho-ho. more projects = more work = higher risk of making mistakes = but also more chances to prove myself. thanks for the early confirmation; that increase can fund me an extra shopping/pubbing session each month. 😀

but i miss my girls. can we please come out soon?


boss brought us out for a 3-hour lunch yesterday. cos it was qh’s last day. went ah yat seafood restaurant at shaw tower for dim sum. i heard they have 50% off selected items from monday to saturday. shall bring ah ma down some day. 🙂

the xiaolongbao was lovely, especially with the ginger vinegar. charsiewbao also nice. and the peking duck! but not as nice as the one we had in beijing. hmmm what else? mango pudding! and this pumpkin dessert. they look so cute! must try! lol.


the f1 saga here is over soon, but not quite for me. it was my first time watching an f1 race and i got hooked. lewis hamilton!!! (massa’s quite cute too.) 3 more stops to go. am gonna follow it on cable. *prays for lewis to win*

welcome october. ^^


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